This is my website for trading, and this is my List for all of my DVD’s, CD’s and other Music stuff. You may already know me from some Van Halen forums and other forums or in another way, but now i’m located here. Hope you like it. I want to thank my son for taking his time to make this happen for me.

I don’t sell ANY of those. if you are interested just leave a message for a trade. Most of the visitors know how to get in touch with me. Feel free to leave a message

Greetings, Kite.

Trade Rule

  1. I use DVD R Maxell, please do the same (you can use other brand such as Phillips, Samsung,LG, Mitshubishi, TDK)
  2. Please sent your list with information as complete as you can,i need basic information about the shows,like date, venue,duration,number of the disc,if possible please add the grading or quality of the picture.
  3. I trade 1 disc for 1 disc, if you choose the disc that contain 2 or more shows,so is your advantage,and vice versa. The show that contain 2 discs so the trade will be 2 : 2
  4. The disc will send in paper sleeve,please do the same
  5. Don’t write anything on the disc,please.
  6. If you contact me first you send first,though i prefer send at same time.
  7. I would NOT intend to rip off other trader,and don’t want become a bad trader,if there is problem we can communicate
  8. Consider where i live if you want trade
  9. If there is nothing i am interested in it’s always possible to do a B & P trade







































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